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Split clamp design and analysis

Split clamps are a simple, robust method for securing cylindrical components that need to be adjusted axially (e.g., focusing a lens) or rotationally (e.g., a prism holder or an adjustment screw). In both of these cases, the split clamp satisfies one of the principles of a good locking mechanism:

A locking mechanism’s action should not influence the sensitive adjustment that it is intended to secure.

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The Principle of Kinematic Constraint

The advantage of a kinematic mount is that it locates one rigid body relative to another with very high repeatability, without over-constraining the body or introducing instability. It accomplishes this by using the precise number (and arrangement) of contact points needed to allow the desired degrees of freedom – no more and no less. That is the principle of kinematic constraint, which this article will show how to apply in your designs.

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